Frequently Asked Questions


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Are there any hidden costs?

Absolutely not. There is no VAT on room rental or Licence fees and no extra charges unless you choose to use one of our support services. More details on additional services, such as secretarial support are available on request.

Our staff will be pleased to calculate the exact hourly, weekly, or monthly cost for you, once we know your precise requirements.

Click here to email our House Manager so that we can find out more about your specific requirements

And what other facilities or support are available?

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  • Experienced staff to provide telephone support
  • Full administrative facilities (fax, photocopier, postage, mail forwarding, couriers, etc)
  • Chaperon service
  • Portable ramps to give comfortable wheelchair access

What is included in the Licence fee?

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  • All the costs normally associated with maintaining an address in this prestigious location – heating, lighting, rates, insurance, refurbishment, staff, refreshments, etc
  • A wide range of consulting rooms from which to choose, all well presented, some with specialist equipment
  • A telephone answering service and a personal number which is answered in your name
  • Friendly reception staff to greet your patients and handle your telephone calls seven days a week
  • Appointment booking facilities (free of charge to Sessional users)

What is my commitment to 88 Rodney Street?

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Many practitioners are understandably hesitant about signing up to a long lease in Rodney Street. That is why we offer a real alternative. Your initial commitment is only six months and thereafter we require just three months’ notice from you on any of our Licence options. This gives you great flexibility and, more importantly, peace of mind.

How does this compare to the rest of Rodney Street?

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No.88 provides extremely cost-effective facilities for small and medium-sized practices. We compare very favourably with other establishments in Rodney Street since we believe our elegant accommodation and experienced administrative staff represent exceptional value for money. Successful practitioners are key to our business.


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We guard jealously the international reputation of 88 Rodney Street and, therefore, demand the highest possible standards of practitioners who use the House.

A wide range of established medical practitioners work from No. 88: – surgeons, physicians, general practitioners, psychiatrists, psychologists, plus complementary therapists.

Eighty Eight Rodney Street is highly cautious about those whom it accepts as Licensees. We screen each applicant to ensure that they meet the accreditation criteria agreed with our Advisory Panel, carry appropriate insurance, and fit with the ethos of the House. This is important to maintain our reputation as a centre of excellence, and to ensure that you will feel comfortable with fellow practitioners.

All Licence Agreements are issued subject to the satisfactory receipt of:

  • Evidence of GMC registration or accreditation by an equivalent recognised professional body
  • Evidence of professional indemnity insurance cover
  • A copy of your Curriculum Vitae. Since our practitioners work across the spectrum of healthcare, we take guidance from experts in complementary and orthodox medicine to ensure that practitioners who use our facilities are trained and qualified to the highest professional standards.
  • Proof of residential address